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Rebelz – The Journey……


When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry
him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.
                                  --The Alchemist



March 2006, a tropical Chennai evening and a bunch of also-ran software engineers having our usual weekend meet over some kaapi and samosas, speaking about hikes, onsite opportunities and every other stuff our ilk crib about.

The only thing unusual about the whole meet - We had a resolution. To break away from the ordinary and do something which can give an outlet for our creative juices, the same creative juices which made us perform and garner claps, whistles, awards and "once more" calls during college days but dried up amidst our monotonous work schedules..

The outcome was “REBELZ", a rejuvenated and professional version of the “Digital Rebelz", the name under which we garnered accolades in the past. Rebelz was formed to entertain people, to make folks forget their worries and spend time with us. What better way to do this other than Theatre, the world of the abstract and the aesthetic, the world of musings with music, lights n smiles, the world where dreams come to life on stage and the audience witnessing our histrionics in flesh and blood. We aimed to put up English plays which we can relate to and, unlike bland American adaptations, tell stories with a desi and spicy touch.


Why Rebelz?

“Break the rules”…has been our mantra and we swear by it. While it’s common to see software professionals joining hands to start a consultancy or a hi-tech firm, we decided to break the norms and start a medium through which we can connect to an audience, use our varied skills and make them laugh, smile n think with our portrayals.

With the Theatre Scenario of Chennai marked with adaptations we decided to start our first outing with an original script, backed by an original music composition and bought to life by a cast n crew who didn’t have much experience per se, but had an undying passion to excel. Well how much more rebellious can we be!


We endeavored for quality entertainment and wanted to take a resolute step towards it rather than being armchair critics, the result was - Rebelz Theatre group. Rebelz was formed to entertain people, to make folks forget their worries and spend time with us.


We are here to capture your minds and hearts with our tricks on stage and to ignite our passions away from our professions. ..and hope many more join with us in this dream journey

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